Welcome to Slothville!

As the home of the SLOTH APPRECIATION SOCIETY, Slothville is the place to slow down, chill out and celebrate one of nature’s most remarkable creatures: the sloth.


My name is Lucy Cooke and I’m a National Geographic explorer, award-winning TV producer, presenter and best-selling author with a Masters in zoology and a passion for odd animals.

I especially love sloths. I always have. I love their sweet smiles, slow-mo lifestyles and innate hug-a-bility.

But sloths are perhaps nature’s most misunderstood creature.

Being named after one of the seven deadly sins wasn’t exactly a great start and branded the sloth as lazy and stupid. But sloths are in fact highly successful animals, perfectly adapted to their slow arboreal lifestyle.

As busy bipedal apes I believe we have much to learn from their energy–saving ways. So I founded the Sloth Appreciation Society which seeks to promote the sloth as the true King of the jungle and educate the world that being fast is over-rated.

If you love sloths then please join this slow movement by signing up to join the Sloth Appreciation Society here at Slothville. You will receive your very own Sloth Appreciation Society certificate and poster so you can start spreading the sloth love immediately.

To help the cause I have become a master at producing high quality sloth propaganda – award-winning TV shows, best-selling books and international viral videos. Slothville is the only place to find all my original work gathered together for your slothy enjoyment.

I began my mission by producing a series of viral videos featuring sloths from a sanctuary in Costa Rica. These have now had over 25 million views collectively, been tweeted by celebrity fans like Ricky Gervais and Ashton Kutcher, reduced the actress Kristen Bell to a quivering wreck on the Ellen show and earned me the title the Spielberg of sloth movies’.

I went on to produce a multi award-winning documentary about the sleepy residents of the world’s first sloth orphanage for Animal Planet called ‘TOO CUTE! BABY SLOTHS!’ in the US and ‘MEET THE SLOTHS’ everywhere else.

The show was a massive hit – rating seven times the normal slot average – and screened around the world spreading sloth love to twenty countries from Japan to Poland. This outrageous success prompted Discovery to commission an 8 part ‘Meet the Sloths’ sloth-u-soap series, which launched globally on Animal Planet from November 2013.

You can find all my sloth videos on the Meet the Sloths page. To keep up with news about the series be sure to follow Slothville on Facebook and Twitter.

My first book, ‘A LITTLE BOOK OF SLOTH’ featuring my super cute photos, fun facts and stories about the sanctuary sloths was published in the US in March 2013 by Simon and Schuster.

The book has received praise from critics, educators and sloth fans alike. It was in the top 3 best kids picture books of 2013 on Goodreads and has received over 80 5 star reviews on Amazon and a prestigious starred review in Publishers Weekly.

“Cooke writes with a firm sense of authority and a loving irreverence that lifts these pages far above most real-life animal books” Publishers Weekly, *STARRED REVIEW*

In 2014, ‘A Little Book of Sloth’ will be published in the UK by Hachette press under the new title THE POWER OF SLOTH and by Nossa Cultura in Brazil. An updated version for sloth lovers of all ages will also be published in Germany. Go Sloths!

I can often be found touring my somewhat irreverent Sloth Appreciation Society lecture, explaining exactly why the sloth is the true King of the jungle at various literary, music and film festivals around the world.

Sloth love has spread far and wide and these dozy folivores are now so popular the Washington Post has branded them  ‘the new kittens’ . But it is important to remember that, as adorable as they are, sloths belong in the wild and should never be kept as pets.

Which is where my new ADOPT A SLOTH APP comes in. It allows you to care for your very own digital baby sloth whilst learning all about the habits of these amazing creatures in the wild. The App will be available on iTunes from mid-November 2013 – click on the Adopt A Sloth link to find out more.


Time Magazine recently dubbed my efforts at promoting these extraordinary creatures as ‘more successful than anyone has ever been at anything. Ever.’

But what is most important to me is that my work has helped raise thousands of dollars for sloth conservation

If you love sloths and want to help then you can start by buying A Little Book of Sloth or my Adopt A Sloth App as a percentage of profits go towards sloth conservation.

If you want to do more then I suggest that you donate to the Zoological Society of London’s EDGE campaign . ZSL are the only organisation of reputable scientists and conservationists working to protect the two critically endangered species of sloth: namely the Pygmy sloths of Panama and the Maned sloths of Brazil.

EDGE especially needs your help protecting the Pygmy sloth. Recent attempts by a renegade religious group in cahoots with a private collector to steal these extraordinary animals from their island home have put ZSL’s conservation plan and the Pygmy sloth’s future in jeopardy.

So if you enjoy Slothville and its sloths then please share your love and donate a dollar or two so that these extraordinary animals will be hanging about for years to come.